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Author: Win Aung Cho
1 Draw the proposed centerline on the topographic survey.
2 Plot the centerline on plan-and-profile paper.
Road profile
3 Calculate grades, the degree of curvature of horizontal curves, and curve lengths of vertical curves.
4 Compare the values of step 3 with the road specifications.
5 Adjust the centerline, if possible, to reduce any calculated grades and limit horizontal and vertical curves that exceed the specifications.
Fitting vertical and horizontal curves
6 Plot new tangents (straight sections of road) on the plan and profile in those locations where horizontal and vertical curves exceed the military road specifications.
7. Design horizontal and vertical curves for all tangent intersections.
8. Plot newly designed curves on the plan and profile.
Draw road section
9. Develop a mass diagram for the project. Balance the cuts and fills and optimize ruling grade and earthwork volumes.
10. Design superelevations (curve banking) and widening for all horizontal curves.
11. Draw typical cross sections.
12. Design the required drainage structures and bridges.
Road cross section and nomenclature

Author: Win Aung Cho
01-Apr-2022 04:37:17 PM*